Yuki Sepre 24 Joint Venture Security Company Limited

Yuki Sepre 24 Joint Venture Security Company Limited

We are a leader of security service field, thus we have taken the chance of innovation economic polity from VietNam goverment to integrate internation since the first year of decade' 90 year.

From 1994, with the bussiness' name  Viet Nhat Thang Long yuki sepre 24 security service joint venture company is co-operation between Kotobuki corporation of Japan and ministry of domestic affairs of VietNam. We gained thunderous success and received prestige, believe from the our customers. We open a new history concurently for security service profesional of Viet Nam nowaday.


Our slogan is "people are the most value assets". With hightly acknowledge, We are strongly focus on training profession security staff. "Profession, flexility, culture communication and honesty.

By working hard and effect of all staff and leaders for many years, Yuki sepre 24 Joint Venture Security was voted the most prestigious  security service company by the costomers. And now on, Yuki sepre 24 Joint Venture Security is sevicing in 20 districts and Cites of Vietnam nation.


-It is a security company that applies standars of Japan in Viet Nam.

-In addition to the types of insurance in accordance with the law of Vietnam, we also have a full insurance types such as:

Civil liability insurance.
Professional liability insurance.
Fidelity insurance.
24/24 accident insurance for staff protection.
In order to meet the requirements of the customers Japanese Yuki Sepre 24 Vietnamese were put on the application of the following criteria, in order to match the increasing requirements of the business and to high-quality services, serving many customers.

-ISO 9001:2000
-Standard IWAY.

"IWAY is a set of IKEA's code of conduct, given for the first time in 2000. The rules specify the minimum requirements of the IKEA on the environment, social responsibility and working conditions (including child labour) set out for the vendors, products and services of Liao.

IWAY based on eight basic conventions are defined in the basic rules about the rights at work, a statement by the ILO in June 1998, the Rio Declaration on sustainable development in 1992, the UN Conference on sustainable development in Johannesburg and ten method commitment of the United Nations Global Compact 2000.

IKEA recognises the fundamental principles of human rights, to be specified in a "Global Human Rights Manifesto" (in 1948) and adhere to the regulations of the United Nations trade embargo and boycott."

- Apply the management process C-TPAT security

Asset Protection: Security guards are equipped uniform in accordance with the laws of Vietnam on Protective Services for factories, warehouses, buildings, supermarkets wholesale and retail, these important events, public schools, private homes, banks, Embassies and General Consulates countries. 
Escort: Services VIP security for important events such as the Vietnam visit of the head of state, leaders of state and governments of Japan, Korea, Singapore, USA etc. ... 
protect transport: Service "Cash on the road from the bank to where transactions and opposite" 
reaction force quickly to emergency situations 
consultancy services for the protection and professional training at the request of companies 
- We currently provide services to over 150 clients, they are companies with foreign capital and domestic companies. 

- Our customers are: 
The insurance company .
factories, factory production of shoes, clothes, accessories, equipment and electronic components etc ... 
System supermarkets .
The hotels and resorts .
office buildings and apartments .
banks .
and construction companies .
the Embassy and Consulate .
 The warehouse and distribution centers .
schools .
the exhibition center. 
Luxary restaurants.


 Headquarter: No. 412 Nguyen Thi Minh Khai Road, Ward 5, District 3, Ho Chi Minh City

Hotline:  0918.11.22.38

Tel: 028.3536.1819

Website: www.yukisepre24.co              

Email: cskh@yukisepre24.co - cskh@yukisepre24h.vn



After recruiting to training, we consider training as an important step in producing high value products. Our training curriculum is polished in details in the most current up-to-date materials and practical experiences from many years of security, the training is conducted regularly and continuously, from new training to additional training in each period and regularly updated with new knowledge.


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